25 September 2012

NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser


My Thoughts
The transparent cleanser has the color of the raw egg white and a very nice perfume scent.
Though it's liquid inside the bottle, when pumped, thick and smooth foam will come out from the plastic nozzle dispenser.  
Add water to the foam to lather, and wash on the entire face and neck.  Then rinse off with water.  It thoroughly removes the makeup, dirt and oil, leaving my skin clean, smooth, bright and moisturized.


We got the NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser 160ml from Venus Beauty. 

We purposely travel to Venus Beauty Ang Mo Kio Branch to collect our free cleansers. As per their receipt, they are worth $12.90 a bottle.



pureJeanius said...

Looks like a good cleanser. I have never heard of this brand before. Is it a Singaporean brand?

Bebe Lee said...

No. It's a Korean brand. NOPS means Natural Organic Plants

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