09 September 2012

Dinner at Chinatown - Special Steamed Fish Head

On a drizzling rain night, we went for dinner at Chinatown.
Whenever I go Chinatown, it's always Kentucky Fried Chicken for me.  But I just had that for dinner yesterday night and I wanna lose some weight, so I decided to have fish at Kreta Ayer Food Centre.
We went for the Special Steamed Fish Head. 
We waited for more than one hour and finally the fish came with 2 bowls of rice, without the chopsticks and spoons.  The man said he will bring them to us, we waited for more than 30 minutes and even after we bought the 80 cents lemon drink, there's no sight of the man.  So we went to get the chopsticks and spoons ourselves.
This stall provides really bad service.  They should at least apologize for the long wait when he brought the food over.  And after he collected our money, he disappeared without even bringing the chopsticks and spoons over to us.
We paid $13 for the Special Steamed Fish Head and 2 small bowls of rice.  I noticed the fish he gave us is much smaller than the other families, yet we paid the same price.
It's a delicious meal, but will be my last one.  Cos' I don't like the waiting time and poor service. 

Also, I wonder why the old folks are smoking in this non-smoking food centre.

Actually, I don't fancy dining at this food centre cos' it's hot, dirty and packed with tons of people, and it's difficult to get an empty table. And even when the table is empty, it's extremely dirty with the plates, leftover food, bones, water and so on as the there are lack of cleaners. I really don't like to put my plate of food down and eat on a messy table like that. Many times, people clear their own tables so they put the bowls, plates and so on to stack up high like a mountain on the nearby tables.
But today, it's quite empty. Probably it's cos' of the rain that people is not coming out for dinner.



tifffany_keep_going said...

you can actually steam a fish by yourself, it's quite easy to cook and delicious!! :)

Bebe Lee said...

It's simple, but I'm lazy and I don't have that kind of yummy sauce.

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