15 September 2012

Delphin - Free Gifts and Cleaning Service


We got these free gifts while passing a booth in Clarke Quay's Singapore River.
A very friendly Salesman approached us and gave us these gifts saying they are absolutely free.
Then he said he will provide us with a free vacuum service for our mattresses, sofa and carpet.  But he didn't mention that we must accept this free service.
He told us to fill up a form to acknowledge the gifts. He didn't want our house number, instead forced my cousin for her handphone number and even called her on the spot on her handphone to confirm if the number is real.  His attitude is offensive.

We got the
Delphin Cofispot 2 in 1 Glass Coffee Jar Set
Delphin Pump VS2P2-P

Franking speaking, these gifts are meaningless to us.  We don't need them.

It was night time when we visited Clarke Quay, so it was dark and we couldn't read this form in the very dim lightings.
Now, we read it and we are not at all interested in it.

Thank you for the gifts, but we really don't require the free cleaning service.  If they want the gifts back, by all means come to collect them from us.


Zinnia H said...

Hi there, after reading your post, I realized that we have exactly shared the same experiences! Same thing, I just happen to pass by this Delphin sales booth, a man tried to stuff the free gift to me and said it's freebies to giveaway and later another lady, a colleague of his, asked me to fill up the form. I find it fishy, cos at first told me free then later told me their main purpose is to promote their vacuum cleaner and the free gift together with the free cleaning demo comes as a package. She also scheduled an appointment for the free cleaning demo to be done at my house.
I don't feel like keeping the free gift & also don't want them to come to my house.
So have you return the free gift? Or have they came for the free demo? Hope you can share with me, thanks & cheers.

Bebe Lee said...

Hi Zinnia

I think maybe they call me during early Oct and after that no more.

Till today, they still haven’t call me and I didn't return them the gifts. But I kept the gifts in the closet, and waiting for them to collect them back.

Edward Son said...

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nutrendmedia said...

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Winny said...

I've also given this so-called free gift at the CNY 春到河畔, I didn't know it was a Delphin strategy for getting my info for the cleaning service till I read the paper like you. I'm totally angry at it and has not intention to return them the item unless they come my house to collect. Have they collected the thing from you?

kev kevin said...

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Fiona Fong said...

Hi, i just encounter this incident. Just to check will they come over to get it back? Cause they ask me to go down to return

Fiona Fong said...
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