01 September 2012

Biotherm PureFect Skin / Homme T-Pur Anti Oil n Wet Samples

Biotherm PureFect Skin Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel 1.5mlBiotherm PureFect Skin Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Toner 1.5ml
Biotherm PureFect Skin Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel 1.5ml

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil n Wet
Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser 1ml
Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil n Wet
Purifying Mattifying Pore Reducer Lotion 1ml
Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil n Wet

Clean Skin Effect Mattifying Moisturizing Gel 1ml

We each redeemed a 3-Day Trial sample from Biotherm.

We went to collect the samples at Metro Paragon, and are happy with the friendly and polite service of the Chinese Sales Promoter.

I showed her the PureFect Skin sample redemption sms on my handphone and after filling in my particulars on the form, she gave me 2 sets of PureFect Skin samples.
Even though my cousin has the same sms as me, he got 2 sets of Homme T-Pur Anti Oil n Wet samples.
But, we don't think these are enough for 3 days usage.  They are probably enough for 2 days.

Later, we met up with our other 2 cousins at CentrePoint Shopping Centre and accompanied them to collect their samples at Robinsons CentrePoint.

I noticed that the really fat Chinese Sales Promoter is rude, unfriendly and stingy.  She demanded to see both the sms messages on my cousins' handphones and insisted that they must fill in their telephone numbers and addresses on the form.  ( The one at Metro Paragon didn't request for these extras info from me ).

Then, she gave them 1 set of sample each.  My cousins asked if they are purpose to get a 3-day trial sample, she said yes 1.5ml is enough for one time use.  So she is saying that instead of using them together as a set, they got to use them separately, as 1 sachet per day.

This fat lady is super stingy and obviously lying, how can a 1.5ml sachet be enough for 3 days usage.  My cousins are really annoyed with her rude and unfriendly attitude, and it's like what we often say "so stingy, must well don't give".

These are the 3-Day Trial Samples for 4 people.



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