02 May 2012

Guest Post - Nail Trend : Words on Nail (Tutorial)

Status: Manicure time!

So previously I had blog about Words on Nail. So now I’m gonna share with you how it is done.


words on nails.  Photo credit : www.luuux.com

words on nail 1
words I've chosen

Step 1 : Choose the piece of newspaper article you want to imprint on your nails. Alternatively, print out on a piece of paper the words you want to imprint. You may want to print a mirror image of the words to get it upright on your nails.

Step 2 : Choose your base colour and paint your nails with it. Let it dry completely.

Step 3 : Once your nails dry, dip the nail you are imprinting with rubbing alcohol.

Step 4 : Press the newspaper/paper tightly onto your nail and hold it for 30sec. The words should be imprinted onto your nail.

Step 5 : Repeat Step 3 and 4 for other nails.

Words on nail 2
Imprint away!

Side note, I’m using OPI Malaysian Mist in for my base colour.

Hope you like this tutorial!


By Guest Blogger - Adeline Choi
Blog - ah-da-lin: meanie @ work


Beauty on a College budget said...

This looks super interesting and easy! I think I'm gonna have to try it!

beautydiva said...

Nice tut, i always plan to do this but put it off at the last moment. Thank you

Rozen Saku said...

Tried this a while ago and loved it, have you tried using comic strips? thats fun!

vdoodle said...

This looks great!


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