15 May 2012

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask


Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This mask is soaked with lots of transparent liquid essence, which does not smell good.  It is really nice that the essence will not sting the eyes.

The huge net mask feels hard and rough.  It fits and sticks well to my face, except for the cheeks part which often falls off.  

I will apply the remaining essence left on the foil onto my neck and shoulders.  After some rubs and pats, it absorbs into my skin.

After masking, my skin feels very soft, bouncy, moist and supple.  My face is also looking bright, with a hydrating glow.

However, the next morning, my face looks its usual self...  nothing special happened to it.


Chochay88 said...

I love Neutrogena Products..

Bebe said...

I'm not really a fan, but I love to try them.

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