13 May 2012

Nivea Body Whitening Lotion - 10x Vitamin C




My Thoughts

I love the refreshing mild cherry fragrance of this white body lotion.

Nightly before bedtime, I will apply this lotion all over my body, legs and arms.  After many rubs, it absorbed into my skin, leaving it well moisturized, without the oily and sticky feeling. 

However, I noticed it is infact slightly oily.  Due to the hot weather, I love to sleep on the cooling floor and I see oily patches on the floor tiles.

This lotion has not whitened my skin, but it has lightened the dark spots on my arms and legs.

I feel that it is quite moisturizing for my super dry skin.  My skin did not become smooth and hydrated, but at least, it prevents the dry peeling itchy bloody crack skin from appearing on the lower part of my legs.


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