31 March 2011

Skin Healthy Moisturizing and Repairing Hand Mask

My sister gave me a box of Skin Healthy consisting 6 pieces of Skin Healthy Moisturizing and Repairing Hand Mask 40g, comes with a free tube of Skin Healthy Hand Exfoliating Gel 60g.

My Hubby's Hands


The hand mask can effectively moisturize your skin, reduce cracks and fine lines.  Best to nourish hands regularly, especially in the dry season.

My Experience

This pair of white paper mask has a very nice strong perfume smell and the essence on it is very sticky and oily.

It is inconvenient to wear this pair of gloves during my waking hours.  I cannot possibly sit or lay around in broad daylight wearing gloves and doing nothing.  So I use it only at night during bed time. 

I do not want to waste the thick essence on the mask.  In bed, wearing the gloves, I rub all over my legs, arms, underarms and massage my feet, toes, hands, fingers and nails wanting my dry skin to benefit from the mask.  After, I feel them in an oily sticky coating.  I will never let my feet touch or walk on the floor, it will leave oily patches. 

By next morning, it is fully absorbed.  My skin is not sticky and oily anymore.  Or maybe it is my bed sheet and blanket that has absorbed the essence from my skin. 

My hands that are wearing the mask, throughout the night are unable to fully absorb the essence.  Till morning, the mask is still wet.  I remove it, massage the essence to absorb into my hands and then wear it again.  Remove, massage and wear, over and over again. 

The gloves are too big for my hands, sometimes when I am in deep sleep, I do not even know that they came off my hands.

This is an effective mask to treat my dry wrinkled hands.  When I use it daily or on alternate days, I see my skin getting softer, smoother and more hydrated.  When I stop using it, after some time, my skin becomes dry and crumpled again.


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