31 March 2011

Skin Healthy Hand Exfoilating Gel


Natural round walnut exfoliating particles can mildly remove dead skin, relieve hand pressure and promote skin to breathe smoothly.

Features :

Natural round walnut exfoliating particles that can mildly peel off aged skin, relieve hand pressure and promote skin to breath smoothly, enhance hand to absorb nutrition from hand cream or mask, contain water soluble ossein nourishing essence, replenish water and make hand skin soft, tender and firm.

Usage :

After skin cleaning, evenly extend proper amount onto hands or desired part, gently massage for about 1 minute and then rinse off with clear water.  It has better effect to use together with Skinhealthy Moisturizing & Repairing Hand Mask.

My Experience

This gel has a very lovely pink color and mild perfume scent. 

It comes with an inconvenient screw cap.

I use it once a week during shower.  The exfoliating particles are very small so I feel very comfortable when scrubbing.   No matter how hard I scrub, the particles will not hurt my skin.

Squeeze out gel onto palm, add a little water, rub palms together to dilute the gel, apply onto hands and feet.  Scrub and massage thoroughly on my hands, fingers, feet, toes and nails.    Rinse with water and bathe as usual.

After, my hands is soft and smooth.  No more dry wrinkled skin. 

The skin on the upper part of my feet feels soft and smooth, but the bottom part is still rough.

When I use it daily, my skin becomes very soft and smooth.  But when I stop, the dry wrinkled skin on my hands reappears.  Guess in order to achieve soft and smooth skin, I have to use it everyday. 

I normally will forget or feel lazy to use.  Guess I can never have beautiful soft and smooth hands. 


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