01 April 2011

Daiso Haircutting Scissors

Description (on product wrapper)

To cut natural in liking hair

Hold this way

Cut this way

My Experience

With this scissors, tons of money is saved.  My hubby visits the barber once in two months.  After buying it, he has not walked into the salon.

I cut his hair as and when I see it becomes long and messy, or when he requests.     

This zig zag scissors is easy to use, but not comfortable to hold on.  When I hold on to it for too long, my fingers hurt. 

It is suitable for layering hair only.  For cutting the hair straight in one length, use a normal pair of scissors. 

For layering hair, comb the hair straight.  Use a normal pair of scissors to cut the desire shape and length first.  After, with the help of a comb, pick up a small portion of hair and cut.  Comb and cut continuously till the desire layers is achieved.  Ensure that the hair is equally layered.

This scissors is not suitable for layering long hair, unless you are an expert.  Use it only for short hair, fringe and small children’s hair.   It can be used to cut animals fur too.   

Practise makes perfect.  After a few cuttings, I have become an expert. 

Tada... my cutting...

He complains that I cut his hair so round, just like Bebe. Well, it is a nice style.

Hubby and Bebe

My mummy says Bebe has yankee head.  How can a cat’s hair be so straight!



heartbreaker said...

LOL i have this scissors too! :D

Stephanie said...

wow, you cut your hubby's hair? I'm always too afraid to cut my bf's hair.. ^.^

The Cat Hag said...

That's cool, thanks for sharing. :)

The Cat Hag

albern williams said...

What a blog.thanks for posting it..sharpening scissors

Jesus Michael said...

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Latoya Jessica said...

Nice piece of information!!! Although, it cannot be denied that the Hair Shears. are the best source of attaining expertise in this field of hair styling. If you are a professional hairstylist and have just opened your salon then you need to be well acquainted with the stuff that is required for hair styling. Thanks for sharing!!!

Sizzling LEO said...
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Sizzling LEO said...

Thanks for this beautiful piece of information!!! Haircuts have become more clinical and perfect. and hair cutting scissors are more essential element for the barbers today.

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