25 March 2011

RoC Purif-AC Purifying Cleanser


The soft cleansing base of this purifying cleansing gel has a real effect on blemishes, spots, blackheads, clogged pores and redness.  This is all due to a new innovating RoC technology which combines salicylic acid and sebo-balancing actives. 

It helps to :

Softly eliminate dead cells and deeply remove impurities from pores.

Reduce sebum secretion to progressively balance the skin.

Deep cleanse the skin without drying, allow daily usage. 

This results in the skin looking clean and purified.  Blemishes are reduced and the skin is visibly healthier. 

It is also formulated to minimise the risk of allergies and is non comedogenic.

My Experience

This transparent gel cleanser feels like serum, has a strong perfume smell and lathers a little. 

Squeeze out a little cleanser onto palm, add water, rub both palms together to lather and apply onto face, eyes and neck.  Rub in circular motion.  Then rinse off with water.

After washing, my skin does not feel tight and dry.  My face is clear and smooth.  It keeps my oil under control for quite a long time.  However, a 5ml sample tube is too little to give good result, there is no improvement on my blemishes.

This sample is given to me by a RoC’s china promoter.  She told me this is an effective product and she is a living example. 

After she came to Singapore, due to our weather, tons of acnes popped out all over her face.  After using RoC Purif-AC Purifying Cleanser and RoC Purif-AC Blemish Correcting Emulsion, her acnes are all gone.  Well, she does not have any acne on her face.  What is left is her many acne marks, can see obviously beneath her face powder.

Guess when these two products are used together, will give good result.  From what I see, they do eliminate acnes and make her skin oil free.  However, they do not remove acne marks.  Definitely have to use a whitening or scar eraser product to remove the marks.

RoC Purif-AC Purifying Cleanser
RoC Purif-AC Blemish Correcting Emulsion






beautydiva said...

Nice review. Am following you back. Thanks :))

Ice Pandora said...

Great to hear that this product is for people with allergy ^^
it looks like a good product to me!
Altho, the package looks kind of dull.
Oh well the inside that counts~ xx

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