02 March 2011

Nivea Body Extra Whitening Milk Repair



Discover new Nivea body Extra Whitening Milk Repair, a daily moisturizer that gives you naturally fairer skin and a more even tone.  The extra whitening formula is specially developed to whiten skin and prevent dullness caused by frequent sun exposure.

The formula is enriched with double White Bioactive, Vitamin E, UVA and UVB filters :

Effectively whitens and repairs skin, leaving it smooth and naturally fairer.

Reduces discoloration and blemishes for a more even skin tone.

Protects from skin darkening caused by UVA/UVB rays.

Use everyday for extra fair and beautiful skin.  The lotion is quickly absorbed and is not sticky on the skin.  Suitable for all skin types.

Recommended usage :

Apply daily all over your body.

Skin-compatibility dermatologically proven.   

Ingredients :

New Packaging
Old Packaging

My Experience

In my view, these two bottles of lotion are the same.  It is the design has changed and the price has increased (more costly now).  The smell and texture is exactly the same.  The new packaging is prettier and with the straight top, there is no wastage. 

When finishing, just leave the bottle upside down, the remaining lotion from the bottom which cannot be pumped up will flow to the cap that I can easily dig it out with my finger. 

As for the old packaging, when I leave the bottle upside down, the remaining lotion will get struck onto the square corners of the bottle.  It hurts my finger when I bend it into the corners to dig it out. 

I often put water into the bottle to dilute the remaining lotion to a basin of warm water to soak my feet.  Or dilute it to pour all over my body and rub together with the bath foam during shower. 

This is my number 10 bottle or more.  I apply this lotion every night, from shoulders to ankles, except my back that I cannot reach. 

After a few rubs, it absorbs fast into my skin without the oily and sticky feeling.  My skin feels smooth and moisturized. 

After months of applying, the dark spots on my legs are lightened and many have disappeared.  The dark, dry and flaky skin on my underarms has become moisturised and fair. 

But, it does not moisturise the drier skin on my legs and arms.  My skin tone is not even and not fairer. 

Since it is not oily and sticky, I feel comfortable applying it under the Singapore’s hot sun as my clothes will not be sticking to the cream on my body.  And I do not feel my skin coated in a layer of oil or lubricant.  Even when I sweat, there is no oily lotion dripping down my skin. 

This lotion is not suitable for dry cold weather countries.  I brought this along when I went on an overseas vacation.  Despite that I applied it thickly to all over my body day and night, it did not moisturise my skin.  My skin became very dry that it wrinkled up.  Painful bloody cracks on my legs and hands.  Itchy red dots all over my legs. 


Old Packaging
New Packaging

My number 1 choice is Nivea Body Smooth Sensation Lotion.  This white lotion has a very nice feminine perfume scent.  Smells so good and works great on my super dry skin. 

After many rubs, it absorbs into my skin leaving it very oily.  It is too oily for me in the hot Singapore weather.  I hate the uncomfortable feeling of being wrapped in a layer of oil when I go on outings and when I sleep. 

After applying, everything I touch becomes oily with my hand prints.  When I apply it to my feet, the floor will have my oily foot prints. 

This lotion works great in dry cold weather countries.  Whenever I am on an overseas vacation, I will definitely buy a bottle to fly along with me.  It thoroughly moisturised my dry skin, preventing it from cracking and the itchy red dots to appear all over my legs.  


Old Packaging
New Packaging

As for Nivea Body Intensive Milk, it works fine for the first 2 bottles.  After a few rubs, it absorbs fast into my skin, leaving it smooth and moisturised. 

But from the third bottle onwards, I see no effect on my dry skin.  My skin is still so dry even after I applied, as if I have not applied any lotion to it at all. 

However, it works well on my sister’s skin.  At times when her fair skin gets dry and flaky, after a few applications, her skin becomes soft and smooth again.  This milk is too mild for my drier skin. 

I hope Nivea lotions come in transparent bottles, so I can see how much lotion is left and buy a new bottle to standby.  It is so bothersome that I have to open the cap every now and then to look into the small hole to check. 


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