15 March 2011

Julie's Wheat Crackers

Julie’s Wheat Crackers is my hubby’s favorite snack.   He usually eats it with coffee for breakfast.   And at any time when he is hungry.

I do not like it.   It is not sweet, wheat taste and very dry.   I will only eat it when I am extremely hungry and find nothing else in the house to eat.   And it must be with Praise Margarine spread on it.

Each packet contains 10 small packets in a plastic holder.   My usual purchase is always 10 small packets inside.

But, on my purchase on 27 February 2011 at Giant IMM, when I came home to open it, I am upset to see that it contains only 9 packets.   It is missing 1 packet.

When I wrote a feedback to Li An Foodstruff and Giant via internet, I received no response.

It is obvious that they have very poor customer service and are dishonest with their products.  They made me feel they are very unsincere to their customers.

I really hate to be cheated by the unsincere and dishonest people .  I have not purchased Julie's brand ever since.  My family and friends are not supporting this brand anymore. 

Instead of ignoring my email, they could have apologized.  At the very least, they should show some sincerity to their loyal customer.  We have been supporting this brand ever since it launched several years ago and this is what we get in return.  What a disappointment.

In case anyone buys Julie’s Wheat Crackers, be sure to check its content.  Can faintly see through the plastic wrapper, look out for the Wheat word on the inside small packets to count.  

Or use both hands to press on the top longer sides side of the plastic wrapper to ensure there is no gap in between the holder and the biscuits inside.  The plastic holder must be fully occupied with its content of 10 small packets.


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