29 January 2015

FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Day

FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Day
4 boxes worth $224

Have worn a pair of Winsome Brown

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyes03.jpg

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyes04.jpg

One box has 30 one day disposable lenses

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyes05.jpg

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyes06.jpg

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyes07.jpg

Winsome Brown
Magnetic Grey
Mystical Black

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyesBrown02.jpg

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyesGrey03.jpg

 photo FreshKonAlluringEyesBlack01.jpg

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution03.jpg

FreshKon Clear i Starter Pack
Multi-Purpose Solution 10ml x 3
Lens Case

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution04.jpg

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution07.jpg

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution05.jpg

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution06.jpg

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution01.jpg

Have used one tube

 photo FreshKonClearIMultiPurposeSolution02.jpg

I got them from Her World Magazine

A few weeks ago, I went to collect them from Optical 88 in Raffles City.  The lady staff is super unfriendly and rude, demanded me to pay $30 for consultation before I can take the package.  When I refused to pay, she immediately took the package and put it far away from me.  

When she saw an ang mo entering the shop, she immediately ran to him with a smiling face, just like a dog wagging its tail.  She's sibei gao po.  Really tak boleh tahan.  

Today I collected them from a FreshKon staff.  Don't have to pay money.


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