30 January 2015

Ha Su O Scalp Care Hair Shampoo

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My Thoughts

The 1500g shampoo is really big, tall and heavy.  The concentrated translucent gold shampoo has a pleasant herbal scent.  I prefer shampoos that lather to rich bubbles which this one doesn't.  In order to see bubbles, I need to pump out 3 full pumps to wash my mid-length hair.  But I often use 2 pumps and it will lather to mild bubbles when mixed with water.  It washes the hair well, feeling clean.  After rinsing off the shampoo, my hair is all tangled up so a conditioner is definitely needed to soften and smoothen out the tangled part.  On the first few wash, my hair feels so smooth and is shiny.  But as I continue to use it daily, my hair got so dry that it became like straw grass.  To prevent my hair from drying out, it's best to use it on alternate days.

It's said that with regular use of the 何首乌 shampoo, white hair will turn to black hair.  But after finishing the whole bottle, my strands of white hair are still white.  And my hair is still falling out like before.  I would say the shampoo doesn't work to prevent hair fall and blacken hair.


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