24 January 2015

Morganfield's - Suntec City

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan10.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan08.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan09.jpg

Morgan’s Rib Sampler  $119.90
We chose the
Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs
Garlic BBQ Spare Ribs
Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan06.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan03.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan04.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan07.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan05.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan02.jpg

 photo MorganfieldsSuntec24Jan01.jpg

We asked the lady crew to take photo for us and she took four, but all the four copies turned out blur.  She got real shaky hands.  I'm really unhappy about it.


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