10 January 2015

Sulwhasoo Samples

 photo Sulwhasoo5pcSample03.jpg

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream

 photo SulwhasooEssentialFirmingCream01.jpg

 photo Sulwhasoo5pcSample01.jpg
Printing it is a waste of ink.  The whole piece needs ink.  This is so un-green.

We got them from Sulwhasoo Singapore

The lady promoter is not friendly at all.  I find that Sulwhasoo is not at all sincere to give out freebies.  These are just small sample sachets and they want to take our ICs and write down our particulars.  This is truly so ridiculous, so stingy must well don't give.  Actually, we didn't want to collect them, but since we went shopping at Orchard so we dropped by.

The promoter kept saying it's one redemption per day per person, so if you win 10 times, you have to go down 10 times on different days.  What kind of weird rule this is?  If they want to give out products, than they should give them out in a nice way, why got to make people go down so many times to collect the prizes.  Guess somewhere up their head is not functioning well.  And if they are so reluctant to give out so many prizes to the same person than they should make it that every person can win one prize only.  It's kind of unfair that the same person can win so many prizes while the others don't win any. 

I'm very disappointed with their bad service and attitude.

Sulwhasoo doesn't seem to be popular in Korea.  It is real difficult to find this brand there, I only saw some products on the shelves inside a few beauty shops.  


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