11 January 2015

Kentucky Fried Chicken


My brother ordered 140 boxes from KFC Delivery for an event and gave me 3 boxes.

All the boxes have 2 pieces Original Recipe Chicken + 1 small Whipped Potato. They don't give drinks for delivery so $6.90 for a box is very expensive.

KFC can be very stingy, since he ordered so many boxes, they should have given some complimentary food or drinks, like a few more boxes of chicken or some Pepsi Pet Bottle Drinks. Well from a long time ago, KFC has always provide poor service and they don't know how to 做人.

 photo KFCCurryRiceBuddyMeal01.png

I’m a super big fan of KFC and got to eat it at least 2 to 3 times a week.  On the 9 January, I visited KFC at Funan IT Mall and ordered the Rice Bucket Buddy Meal.  The Indian crew gave me 2 cups of regular drinks.  When I told her the poster stated it’s free upsize to medium drinks.  She insisted no and told me I got to say the catchphrase to her before I order than I can get the medium drinks.

On the 10 January, I visited KFC at People’s Park Complex and ordered the Rice Bucket Buddy Meal.  I said the catchphrase to the Indian crew and before I can even finish saying it, she stopped me saying that its medium drinks for buddy meal.  The catchphrase is for the Curry Rice Bucket Meal.  I'm really unhappy for being cheated by the crew at Funan IT Mall.  

Also, I'm often given overcooked, hard, cold and soggy food.  KFC is not cheap so they should give us well cooked and hot food that's worth our money.

 photo KFCCurryRiceBuddyMeal02.png

Got the cute Recycle Bags from Uncle G

 photo RC11JanBag01.jpg



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