05 October 2014

Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood03.jpg

Fancy Feast with Savory Chicken & Turkey  1.36kg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood04.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood05.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood02.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood07.jpg

Fancy Feast with Ocean Fish & Salmon  1.36kg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood08.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood09.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood06.jpg

 photo FancyFeastDryCatFood01.jpg

Bought 7 packets of Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food 1.36kg at Pet Lovers Centre for $102.90.  After using a $100 voucher, I paid $2.90.

One packet cost $15.  Pet Lovers Centre is usually selling things more expensive.  At the supermarket, it costs $14.50 or $14.55.

Somehow, I was given 2 additional packets.  So happy.


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