31 October 2014

Hada Labo Astaxanthin Moist Lift Essence

My Thoughts

I bought the bottle of Hada Labo Astaxanthin Moist Lift Essence from Hong Kong.  This one is not available in Singapore.

The concentrated orange essence has a smooth and soft texture.  It doesn't smell nice.  After applying it, my face feels real oily and sticky.  It's not easily absorbed into the skin, got to rub for quite a while.  I don't really like it for leaving my skin with an oily and shiny layer.

When I first  started to use it, I'm really disappointed with it cos I don't see any improvement on my skin.  But after continuous usage for about 2 weeks than my skin starts to look brighter.  It's sad that it doesn't give my skin the lifting effect, I only feel a slight firmer cheeks that's all.

Since it's oily so I prefer to use it at night only.  With daily usage, my face has gotten much brighter, well hydrated and glowing.


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