17 October 2014

I. Skin Focus L-Ascorbic Acid Oil Control Anti-Acne Mask


My Thoughts

Sometime back, I bought the box of mask from Hong Kong and only used them recently.  

The thin paper mask is soaked with lots of liquid milky white essence that comes with a mild perfume and a medicated scent. 

At night, I will put on the mask on my clean face and watch television. It doesn't stick on well to the skin.  Remove it after it's dried up.  Then apply and massage the remaining essence that's left inside the foil onto my face and neck. The essence will leave my face sticky for a while. The next morning, I see that my nose is oil shiny and my cheeks look matte.

After using 3 pieces for 3 consecutive days, I find that my skin is slightly less oily on the cheeks area, but my T-zone is still as oily as before.
The mask is not to my liking as it's doesn't give good results so I will definitely not purchase it again.

One box contains 3 pcs of individually wrapped mask


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