09 October 2014

Extreme Adventure on the Edge with Bryan Smith

 photo NParksBryanSmith01.jpg

Extreme Adventure on the Edge with Bryan Smith

Esplanade Concert Hall

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It's quite a boring talk, I don't enjoy it at all.  Especially when the man sitting behind me is coughing so much and I really hate it when they don't allow us to take photos.  The auntie crew is so irritating, the man right infront was taking some photos with his handphone and she kept walking to the front to tell him no photo taking is allowed.  It's so annoying that she blocked my view so often.  I cannot understand why they don't allow us to take photos, I think it's okay as long as we don't use flashlight.  Anyway we are sitting so far away from the stage and in a dark place like this, the photos won't turn out nice.

We are only allowed to take photo of Bryan Smith when we purchased his merchandise.  Singapore is all along money face, when people say no money no talk, it's absolutely right.


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