03 October 2014

Vichy Products

Vichy Bi-White Reveal Double Corrective Whitening Emulsion  50ml

Vichy Bi-White Reveal Double-Corrective Whitening Cream Night  50ml

Vichy UV Pro Secure Anti-UV Anti-Pollution Daily Ultra-Block SPF 40 PA+++  30ml

I got these products many years back. They are brand new and unopened.  Finally when I decided that I should use them, I find them weird.  Although there are no expiry dates stated on the boxes and products, I guess they are already expired. The creams used to be thick and white in color, but now they become like soya bean curd, yellowish and watery. They still have the same stinky scent as before.

The reason for me to keep them and not using them is cos I do not like the uncomfortable coated and oily feeling on my skin.

Since they are already expired and I cannot use them on my face anymore. I do not want to waste them so I brought them to my Korea holiday trip. Every night I used half a bottle to dilute in the hot water inside the bathtub and soak in it. It leaves my skin with a smooth layer. The cream is really oily to even after the water drain away from the ceramic bathtub and after bathing, there is still a layer of cream left on the bathtub that makes it very slippery.  Once while standing to bathe inside the bathtub, it was so slippery that I fell down sideway and got a few patches of blue black bruises on my thigh and hip.


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