13 March 2015

Jyunka Boto Caviar Serum

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum01.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum02.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum03.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum04.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum05.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum06.jpg

My Thoughts

The clear serum doesn't have a perfume scent.  It's very easily absorbed into the skin.  Apply it evenly on the face and even without rubbing, it will absorb real fast into the skin by itself.  It's nice that it doesn't leave the skin with the oily and sticky feeling.  

With daily usage, my skin is well moisturized and feels firmer on the cheeks.  After finishing the whole bottle, I don't see much difference on my skin.  It has no effect in making my skin look more youthful.  My wrinkles are still the same as before, my face is not lifted and my skin has not gotten smoother, softer and radiant.

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum07.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum08.jpg

 photo JyunkaBotoCavarSerum09.jpg


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