27 March 2015

De Ganesh Lifting Collagen Mask

My Thoughts

I bought the box of mask from Hong Kong. The mask is soaked with plenty of clear liquid essence and has 
a really weird stinky scent like the hair perming lotion. 

At night, I will put it on my clean face and leave it on till it's dried up.  The thick and hard paper mask doesn’t stick on well to the skin.  After mask, my face feels sticky.  I will apply the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet onto my legs.  I didn't see any improvement on my skin, probably it did help to brighten the face a bit. 

The mask contains mineral oil which is no good for my sensitive skin. My face hurts while masking and after removing the mask, my face feels pain and itchy with red patches.

 One box has 25ml x 6 pieces of individually wrapped masks


andre leo said...

thanks for sharing...

Jenna H. said...

Great review! I need to try some facial masks....
-Jenna <3
Follow me??? The Chic Cupcake

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