06 March 2015

Brand's InnerShine Mini Meal Dietary Fiber Mix

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Brand's InnerShine Mini Meal Dietary Fiber Mix ( Apple Flavour )   10g x 5 sachets   worth $24.90

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I mix it with milk and it tastes good with a refreshing green apple taste.  But then, I find it very difficult to dissolve into the milk.  No matter how hard I stir, it won't be 100% dissolved.

 photo BrandsInnershineMiniMeal02.jpg

 photo BrandsInnershineMiniMeal03.jpg

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It's really disappointing that Cerebos is super stingy with the little bit of postage fee. When I wrote to ask them to mail it over, they don't even bother to reply. They should have mail it over, instead of making the winners purposely take leave to collect the so small and light item from their office during our working hours.  
I pressed the bell, someone answered but no one came to open the door for me until 2 ladies came back from outside and let me in.  Inside, I sat and waited so long for the staff to come out to take the prize collection letter and the IC.  
I'm super unhappy.


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