31 March 2015

Body Contour - Hill Street

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Coffee Spa Retreat ( Body Polish ) with D-Stress Massage  60 min  worth $200

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There are only 3 time slots to choose from, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on weekdays only.  If I want my appointment to be at a later timing or on weekends, I will have to pay $20 for peak hour charge.  I find this rule so weird.   This is the very first time that I hear such a thing. 

The lady Beauty Therapist that served me was good.  She is strong and I am happy with her massaging strength.

First she applied and spread the broken bits of water coffee beans mixed to my body, arms and legs, wrapped me up with a plastic sheet and me lying on an electric heating pad.  I wonder why she didn't scrub at all, I thought it's a body polish.

After 10 minutes, I went to bathe.  It was very difficult to wash away the pieces of dried up coffee beans sticking on my back.  It took alot of time and got to rub alot to thoroughly wash them away.

After bathing, she applied some tea tree oil on my back and arms, massage for a very short while.  Then, finished.

I'm kinda disappointed that there's no body scrubbing and only got massage for a bit.

This is my first spa experience and I love the nice coffee scent.  I did feel that my skin has gotten very slightly smoother, but it didn't last long.  By night, it became dry like before.


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