14 March 2015

Cute Cats

It rained heavily just now and it wasn't convenient to go shopping so I decided to go grocery shopping at Sheng Siong Supermarket.

I'm really happy to see these lovely cats which I rarely have the chance to see so many of them.  They came out probably the rain has stopped and also they are waiting for their dinner to arrive.

There are some more cats, but it was too dark to take photos.  Hopefully I will get the chance next time.

 photo CatTH14Mar02.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar03.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar04.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar05.jpg

This cat is so skinny, I hope auntie can feed her more food to make her fatter.

 photo CatTH14Mar06.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar07.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar08.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar09.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar10.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar11.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar12.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar13.jpg

 photo CatTH14Mar14.jpg


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