11 February 2015

Facebook Recovery's

Today at 1 plus in the morning, I received a Facebook message from Facebook Recovery's

I was very surprised when I read the Warning message.   I felt being threatened.

 photo FBNobbi01.png

I click on the link 
and it brought me to Facebook Security

 photo FBNobbi03.png

I entered my Email, Password and Birthday.  After clicking on the Confirmation button, it went to the next page Enter Your Credit Card.

 photo FBNobbi04.png

How can I give out my credit card details to Facebook.  I felt so weird about it so I closed the page.  Immediately I got this message.  

 photo FBNobbi02.png

I replied with I don't own a credit card.  From then, I never get anymore messages from Facebook Recovery's.

The message I received this morning was from Facebook Recovery's but when I login in the afternoon it showed Nobbi At Sunshine on top of it.  

 photo FBNobbi05.png

Immediately I Unfriend and block this account.

 photo FBNobbi06.png

When I looked at the message again in the evening, it became like this.

 photo FBNobbi07.png

I got a real bad feeling that this is a Facebook Scam.  Luckily I'm not a stupid person to get cheated so easily.

I'm unsure if someone used Nobbi At Sunshine account to do the scam or it could really be her.  Anyway, please beware of Facebook Recovery's and  Nobbi At Sunshine.  Don't ever be their victim.


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