26 February 2015

Cats Killed

 photo CatJBM01.jpg

Today is a real upset day for me.  I saw a piece of black and white paper pasted on the wall at the lift lobby of my block.

 photo CatJBM03.jpg

 photo CatJBM02.jpg

Case 4
I saw the calico cat twice.  Once near the lift lobby and another time sleeping on top the letter box.  I took some photos of her in October 2014 when she was alive.  She's such a sweet and friendly cat.

Case 2
I saw the grey tabby cat a few times.  She's a super friendly, lively and very curious young looking cat who's always running to people to see what they are doing.

I think it's very bad for people to take advantage of the good nature of the cats and harm them.

If you don't like cats just leave them alone, don't harm or torture them.  People that kill animals are very evil and I will curse them and everyone in their future families for a billion billion years to all suffer and die a billion billion times more tragic than the cats.  I really pity his mother to have given birth to a devil like him. When he dies, he will surely be down in the 21 levels of hell.  21层地狱 is the scariest place in hell where he will suffer the most and 永不超生.

I hope the residents there can help to look out and protect the cats from the pervert cat killer.  The cats there are so friendly and lovable.  I don't want them to die.


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