24 February 2015

Amici 18 in 1 Yu Sheng

 photo AmiciYuSheng10.jpg

The yu sheng is very good to eat.  Mom added her home grown pomelo into it.

Before we 捞魚生, it's like this

 photo AmiciYuSheng07.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng06.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng08.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng09.jpg

18 in 1 Yu Sheng

 photo AmiciYuSheng05.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng04.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng03.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng02.jpg

A blue paper with no. 4491 is pasted on the plastic bag

 photo AmiciYuSheng01.jpg

I got it from Amici Events and Catering

Their office at Admiralty Street is not easy to access and I'm super unhappy about it for wasting so much of my time to locate it.  I asked people for directions and got sabo, ended up at the wrong building.  Finally later I'm able to find it hiding behind a building.


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