17 February 2015

Facebook Account Disabled

 photo FB17Feb01.png

To my dismay, once again Facebook has disabled my account without any prior notice.  I was still login to Facebook yesterday at 8 plus at night.  But this morning at 2 plus, it was disabled.  

The last time was in November 2014 that Facebook blocked my account and after I sent them my photo ID, they unblocked it and so fast they blocked me again.  I wonder how many times does Facebook wants to block me and how many times they want me to send them my photo ID.

I'm super unhappy that Facebook is super super slow in unblocking my account, it can take up to 3 or more days.  Their slowness can obstruct me in entering and winning giveaways.  This time I got to wait don't know for how many days for them to unblock my account.

I'm wondering if Facebook is really so free and has nothing to do but to keep on creating inconvenience for me.  This is the second time that I sent them my photo ID and I hope after this time, they won't cause anymore nuisance to me.  There are so many users out there, they should go and harass someone else.

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