27 February 2015

Activa Brightening Mask

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask01.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask02.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask03.jpg

My Thoughts

The thick and hard paper mask is soaked with lots of clear essence and has a mild perfume scent.

At night I will put on the mask on my clean face and remove it after it's dried up.  The essence leaves my skin sticky for a while and the next morning, I see that my face is slightly fairer and well moisturized.

The mask sticks on quite well to my face, but it's too big and doesn't fit my smaller face.  

In order not to waste the essence that's stick on the plastic sheet and inside the foil packet, I will apply it onto my legs and arms.

I never like mask that comes with a plastic sheet sticking onto one side of it.  I find it very bothersome to separate them and also it's a waste that there's so much essence sticking onto it.  

This piece of mask is given to me by my sister.  She used to love Activa but not anymore.  It's nice to try it, but it's not to my liking so I won't purchase it.

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask04.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask05.jpg


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