10 February 2013

Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing Shampoo


My Thoughts

The translucent gold color shampoo has a really nice strong aroma scent.  It's kind of watery, so I need to use double of the usual amount in order for it to lather to bubbles. 

I will add water to a palmful of the shampoo to wash my long hair, massage scalp and hair for a few seconds, and rinse off thoroughly with water.  Then, continue with a conditioner.

After every use, it makes my hair soft, smooth, shiny and less hair fall.  It also makes my awful frizzy "lion-king" hair tame and flat.


twoplicates said...

great shampoo! ive been looking to try a good cleansing shampoo :)

xo; L&M

lee liet said...

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Sleepy BB said...

Thanks ladies

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