25 February 2013

Bio-Oil / Nivea Double Effect Gentle Care 48h Anti-Perspirant / Tiger Balm Ultra Thin Patch

Bio-Oil  60ml
Nivea Double Effect Gentle Care 48h Anti-Perspirant  50ml x 2
Tiger Balm Ultra Thin Patch  5 patches


We got the products from Guardian Health & Beauty.

It's nice of Guardian to give out 10 prizes a day for the Lucky Spin.  To win a prize, we got to spin and get 3 same picture combinations.

To what I observed.
When the game first started, each person is allowed to win a prize on alternate days.  But from the 29 Jan onwards, each person is allowed to win only one prize for the entire game.  However, the old and new rule was not stated at all on their facebook or anywhere.

Therefore, that was why starting 29 Jan, many of us got the 3 same picture combinations many times with no prizes.  When we posted the printscreen of our winning combinations on their facebook and facebook messaged them, they didn't reply.

I think they should announce the new rule and reply to our messages, instead of leaving us with a huge question mark and made us kept on spinning.  It's really not nice of them to ignore us.  I wrote to them wanting to confirm that each person is allowed to win one prize only, but my email was ignored.

Anyway, when I collected the prize, the lady confirmed that to be fair to all, they changed it to one prize per person.  It's really sad that they couldn't be honest with us from the start.

But I don't think it's fair, because many won the cheapo stuffs while others won the expensive ones.  And on many days, the 10 prizes are not fully redeemed.  I think it's fairer, if the system prompt us asking if we want to except the prize or spin again, or let us win 5 prizes maximum, or our total winnings can only be $100 +-.


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