08 February 2013

Borghese Forma Bella Body Contour Creme


My Thoughts

I'm disappointed to see that the big tub is only half filled with the cream.  The thick and creamy beige cream reminds me of flour dough.  It has a very strong herbal and mint scent.

Every night, I'll apply and rub it in circular motion onto my arms, tummy, legs and buttocks until it is fully absorbed into the skin.  It leaves my skin sticky and oily, which will go away after sometime.

It has great moisturizing effects on my super dry skin. With daily use, my skin has become smooth and hydrated.  After finishing the whole tub, I don't see any signs of me getting slimmer, except that my buttocks feel firmer and the dark scar marks are very much lightened. 

It's really effective in removing the scar marks.  While saving a falling cat, its front paws somehow clung onto my thigh that I got many bloody scratches on it, and the ugly marks have been there for months until I used this cream.  I would say the scars are less visible now.  Probably, I need to use a few more tubs to make them totally disappear.


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