03 November 2011

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub


My Experience

This beige color foot scrub does not have a nice scent. It is very soft, smooth and creamy with lots of exfoliating beads.

After washing my feet clean, wipe it dry, squeeze out scrub, apply evenly onto my feet and rub in circular motion till the scrub falls off my skin. Then, wash my feet with shower foam and water.

This scrub leaves a weird feeling, as if I have applied the car’s black motor oil on my feet.  Even after washing my feet a few times more, the thick and sticky coating is still there.  Then I realized, the stickiness will disappear, after I keep rubbing and patting my skin.

It leaves my hands which I use to hold the scrub with a stinky scent, that lasts for quite a while.

This scrub does not moisturize my dry feet and has not removed the rough skin on my heels. But, after scrubbing, I do see my skin looking smooth and bright on the upper part of my feet.


habbott2 said...

I could totally use something like that for my feet. Too bad it's not very effective and smelly!


Bebe said...

I agree

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