17 November 2011

Organia Aroma Green Body Essence Lotion

  • It works to your skin softening and moisturizing.
  • Natural extracts certificated Ecocert by France and organic extracts give you an extra boost of skin-soothing.
  • So you get long-lasting softness and intense hydration.

Ingredients : 

My Thoughts

This white lotion has a very soft and smooth texture.  It has a very strong fragrance, which smells like olive.  I like the soothing perfume scent.   

The feeling of the texture of this lotion is different from the other body lotions which I have used.  I think this one contains essence, probably essence is added into this lotion.  As, when I apply this lotion, it feels like I am rubbing some kind of water plus lotion into my skin.   

After many rubs, the lotion will absorb into my skin, leaving it sticky.

I do not like the uncomfortable sticky feeling and I also dislike my skin being wrapped with a sticky coating.  

However, this is a very moisturizing lotion.  In just one application, I see my super dry skin becomes very soft and well hydrated.


Maantra said...

So glad you posted this, I'm crazy about this stuff. This product is natural skin care product. Thanks for sharing us.
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Bebe said...

You're welcome.

Vale ♥ said...

Thanks for sharing this, nice review !
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Bebe said...

Thanks, Vale. I'll check it out.

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