24 November 2011

Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm - Strawberry

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Ingredients :

My Thoughts

I love the sweet strawberry fragrance of this translucent white lip balm, reminds me of my favourite strawberry ice-cream. Yummy!

I like it for not being the soft jelly type, which will break into pieces when I apply, that will cause a mess on the tube. 

It is easy to use. Just twist clockwise at the bottom of the tube and the lip balm will extend out from the top. To close, turn anti-clockwise and it will be inside the tube again. 

This long wearing lip balm will not come off easily.  Even after food and water, it stays on my lips.

When I first apply, my lips have a slight minty tingling sensation and a nice strawberry scent.  But, no strawberry taste. 

The formula is easy to apply, slides on, waxy and lightweight. The finish is a smooth waxy shine, with long lasting moisture.  Not sticky or glossy.

For thorough moisturizing, I will massage this lip balm to absorb into my lips, and immediately my lips are smooth and moisturized.

I am loving it for keeping my lips well moisturized from the strong air-conditional office.  And, with UV protection, my lips are protected from harmful rays of the sun.

Infact, this lip balm is now part of my daily day and night skin care routine. 

With continuous usage, my lips have turned soft and smooth.  There will be no more ugly dry chapped lips for me.

No wonder, it is the #1 Best Selling Lip Balm brand in Japan.

Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm comes in Lemon & Lime, Strawberry, Orange & Mango, Grape & Berry and White Peach.

Thank you, Mentholatum and The Sample Store for sponsoring me this amazing product.


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