12 November 2011

The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Mung Beans


My Experience

This cleansing foam has a pearl cream colour, like the tube colour. It has a bean perfume scent. To me, it smells like soya bean.

When water is added, this creamy foam will not lather to bubbles.

After using a cleansing milk to remove the makeup and dirt on my face, squeeze out a tiny pea size of cleansing foam onto my palm and add water to dilute. Apply onto my face, eyes and neck, wash by rubbing in circular motion for a few seconds, and rinse off with water.

After, my face feels very clean and smooth. It keeps the oil away for a long time. 

When I used it daily, day and night, soon I noticed that my face is less oily.


GothamPolish said...

LOL what a name for a product :)

Bebe said...

Yup, Weird name. This is my first cleansing foam from The Face Shop.

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