08 November 2011

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Sample

My sister gave me a sample bottle of Biore UV Bright Face Milk 8ml.

My Thoughts

As stated on the packaging, this milk is the No.1 Sunscreen in Japan. 

It has a nice light powder pink color and does not smell good, guess it is fragrance free.

I apply it onto my entire face and neck.  After a few rubs and pats, it absorbs into my skin, leaving it with a dry and matte coating.  My face looks smooth and bright.

This milk is not oily and sticky at all, so it is suitable for my pimple prone skin and it keeps the oil away for a long time.  And with SPF 50+ PA+++, my face is well protected from the hot sun.



Christina said...

Very cool looking product! This is definitely not something I've ever seen in Canada but SPF 50 is fantastic! I must attempt to find one of these myself


Bebe said...

It's really a good product. Do try it out.

shi zhan said...

Ray Banのことを思い出すと、とても懐かしいです。子供の頃、映画に出る英雄たちに、すごく憧れていました。たぶん、幼いから、物事を判断することはできないでしょう。それにしても、子供の時に見たレイバン RB2140はどうしても忘れられなかった。

Lan zozo said...

They are ideal for oily skin

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