07 October 2011

Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream


Ingredients :

My Experience

The white cream has a smooth texture and a mild fragrance. This cream is kind of special, after digging, the cream shapes back into place in the jar after sometime, leaving no trace of the hole which I have dug.

Dig a little cream from the jar, apply onto my face and neck.  Massage in circular motion and pat till it is fully absorbed into my skin.  It leaves my face greasy, and coated in a layer of oily cream.  

Since it is oily, I use it at night only when the weather is cooler.  Applying it in the hot day, makes me feel really uncomfortable.

After a few applications, I see many small breakouts on my cheeks and around my jaw area.  Guess, this cream is too oily for my pimple-prone skin.  

This cream is too greasy for my liking, so I passed it to my hubby.  He reluctantly uses it, nightly on his face, eyes and neck.  It makes his face greasy and oil shiny too.  After using it for months, I do not see his face getting fairer, but it looks brighter with a radiant glow.


Rinny said...

Sorry to hear this cream didn't work out so well for you :(

Thanks so much for following my blog and participating in my giveaway!

Bebe said...

Thanks and welcome

Cheeky Chic said...

hey im organising this giveawy on my blog .you are welcome to enter

Bebe said...

Thank u. I've entered.

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