11 October 2011

Nivea Body Whitening Lotion

Ingredients :

My Experience

This white lotion is thick and has a sour scent.

I accidentally ate a little lotion that was struck in my nail.  It tastes really sour.  Even after rinsing my mouth many times, the sourness is still inside it.  It takes a long time to disappear.

I apply it nightly onto my entire body from shoulders to legs.   It absorbs fast into the skin, without the oily and sticky feeling.

After months of application, my dark spots are lighter in color, but my skin is still dry.  It only helps to relieve my dry skin, not heals it.

I do not see my skin getting fairer, smooth and hydrated.  This lotion is not moisturizing enough for my very dry skin.


Mai said...

great review (: has it whiten your skin...

CMPang x

Bebe said...

not really. It only lightened the dark spots.

Maantra said...

I love this post. Nivea Body Whitening Lotion is nice product. Thanks for sharing us.
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Bebe said...

I think all Nivea products are quite good and afforable. I'm a huge fan of their body and hand cream products.

HamMarked said...

Whitening body lotion is one of the best ways to safely lighten your skin tone. These types of products serve quite a few purposes, such as reducing acne scars, fading skin blemishes and brown spots, removing the visibility of freckles as well as helping to deal with hyper pigmentation problems. Thanks a lot.

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Bebe said...

Yes, I agree. But such lotions are not moisturizing enough for super dry skin.

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