29 October 2011

Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Gel With Hyaluronic Acid


My Experience

This translucent thick gel is light gold yellow color like cooking oil, and has a pleasant scent.  It is very soft and shiny, that reminds me of lubricant. 

Dig out two fingers, apply on my left and right cheeks. Spread it on to my entire face, eyes and neck. Rub in circular motion and pat till it is fully absorbed into my skin. It leaves my face with the sticky feeling. After sometime, the stickiness will disappear.

After two weeks, my cheeks feel smaller, probably it is firmer.  My skin is well hydrated.  But I noticed many breakouts on my cheeks and jaw area.

So, whenever I use this gel, to prevent breakouts, I will definitely apply a thick layer of pimple gel on my entire cheeks and jaw area. 


Frances said...

I've always been curious about Dr. Wu's products! Now I know they cause breakouts I'm steering clear O_o thanks for the review!

Bebe said...

Guess it's due to the ingredient Paraffinum liquidum, meaning Mineral Oil, which is the cause of breakouts.

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