19 October 2011

The Body Shop SHEA Shower Cream

My Experience

This beige shower cream is very creamy and lathers to very rich bubbles.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

Squeeze out half a palmful and add water to lather to bubbles.  This is enough to wash from my ears to feet.

After bath, I do not feel my very dry skin is smooth and well moisturized.  

But, I like it that it leaves my skin a mild pleasant shea butter scent, which lasts a long time. 


Suzie Makes You Up said...

Ive never bought anything from the body shop besides a lip balm, i really need to get in there and pick some things out- this looks delish !

im a new follower, please check out my blog


Bebe said...

Thank you.

Their products smell really nice, I like them all.

I'm following you too.

Dazzler said...

I love The Body Shop products! It's pricey but worth the price. Btw I give this blog award to you. Do check it out :D. Nice review!

Bebe said...

Thank you

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