24 October 2011

Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack


Ingredients :

My Experience

I have been using this mask for a very long time, at least 10 tubes or more. 

This very dark green clay mask is very thick and has a strong herbal neem scent.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.  The mask will cause a mess on the cap, and I prefer to wipe it off.  

It is really difficult to hold on and squeeze the thick mask out of the broad tube.  I have to use both hands with all my mighty strength to squeeze it out.  

After washing and scrubbing my face clean, wipe dry. Apply the mask onto my face and neck. This mask is so thick that It is difficult to spread it out evenly on my entire face.

It dries up fast, but I will still leave it on for half to one hour, before washing it off with water.  After it is dried, it looks and feels like cement.  After rinsing off the mask, there is no need to wash my face again with a cleanser.  

The dried up mask cracks easily and tiny pieces will fall off my face.  This happens when I applied the mask too thick.  Or when I talked, even the slightest facial movement, the mask will crack.   

It is really difficult to wash the dried mask off my face as it sticks to the face.  I need to pat quite a lot of water onto the dried mask to soften and dilute it, then rub and rub in circular motions.  As I rub, I will ensure the mask do not enter my ears as it is very difficult to wash away the mask from inside the ears.     

Be careful not to let it get onto my clothes, it so difficult to wash it off.  Many times, it leaves a stain.

Washing it off in the sink, will cause a real mess in and out of the sink. I do not enjoy cleaning the mess. So I prefer to use it during bath time, rinsing it off under the shower.

After washing, I see brown patches of mask on the bathroom’s wall and floor.  I need to wash it off immediately, otherwise the mask will dry up on the tiles.  Cleaning and scrubbing away the dried up mask on the tiles is so tedious.

After masking, my skin feels real fresh and clean.  It is obviously clearer, brighter, oil free, my cheeks are definitely firmer and my pimples are dried up.

When I use it every day, it will not dry up my skin.  Whenever I see pimples on my face, I will apply it on these parts only, it dries up the pimples within one application.  

Nowadays I am rather lazy, so I use it once in two weeks or a month or only when I see pimples on my face.  

I prefer using paper masks, it is more convenient and will not cause a mess.  I can walk around the whole house and lay down on the sofa.     


kindy said...

i've used this before,and i liked it too.I didn't know they exported Himalaya to your country ^_^

Bebe said...

They are selling at most of the drugstores and supermarkets.

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