23 August 2011

Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub - Cucumber & Multi Fruit Extracts


Ingredients :

My Experience

This white scrub has a nice perfume scent, with a cucumber smell in it.  It contains lots of mild exfoliating beads, which will not hurt my skin when scrubbing.  Infact, it makes scrubbing comfortable, just like massaging my skin.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

Squeeze out half a handful onto palm, add water to dilute and apply onto body.  Scrub and rub from ears down to feet for a few minutes.  Then rinse off with water.

After scrubbing, my skin feels smooth but dry. To prevent my skin from peeling, I need to apply a body lotion. 

It makes applying the body lotion easy on the smooth skin and it absorbs fast into the dry skin.


MayClover said...

I think the scrub looks good! I am looking for one :) thanks for the review!

claire said...

same as comment above! haha

Bebe said...

There are 3 types, brown, green and yellow.

The brown one, almond is more suitable for my dry skin.

Try them all.

Omar Faruq said...

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