28 August 2011

Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer

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My Thoughts

The lip balms come in lovely pink packaging and they are easily turned in and out of the tubes. Being the hard type, they won't break into little pieces when I apply. 

I'm loving the long wearing pretty medium pink colors that are suitable for all occasions.  They have very smooth texture which glides on easily on the lips.  I noticed after food and drink, my lips still looks pink.  Guess, they stained my lips pink.
Strawberry is pearl white in color and has a very sweet strawberry scent.  It gives my lips a medium pink color.   

Shimmer is pearl pink in color with pink glitter particles and has no fragrance. It gives my lips a shiny medium pink color with sparkling glitters. 

 Strawberry n Shimmer

Upper Lip : Strawberry n Lower Lip : Shimmer
Both the colors look the alike, except that Shimmer is brighter and has glittering particles.   I will apply one layer to have the natural pink color, or 2 to 3 coatings to have a darker shade of pink.   After applying, my lips look smooth and shiny. 

I like the small and handy pink tubes. However, both look exactly the same. Looking at the very small words on the small sticker labels under the tubes really strain my eyes.

It's rather bothersome that I have to open the tubes to check the colors before applying. I'm often confused that pink is strawberry and white is shimmer.

It would be nice if the tubes have a strawberry or diamond ( a much smaller size of the stickers, shown above ) printed on them, for us to easily differentiate them at one glance.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer comes in Strawberry, Shimmer and Fragrance Free.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Beautiful Lips Contest, ends on 28 August 2011.  Enter here

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