17 August 2011

Nivea Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus


Ingredients :

My Experience

This white hand lotion has a heavy scent. The perfume smells like kerosene.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

I apply it nightly to my hands, feet and nails. I always take care to massage the lotion into my cuticles and nails.

After many rubs, it absorbs into my skin, leaving a smooth coating on it. After sometime, the coating will disappear.

When I wash my hands in the morning, I feel an oily coating being washed away.

After applying a tube, my hands are a little smoother, but still dry.

My skin feels smooth on the surface. It has prevented my hands from itchy dry skin, but not heals the dry skin.  My hands and cuticles are still dry.

As for my feet, the skin on the top part is slightly smoother. The bottom part is still dry, it does not moisturize dry heels.


Diane said...

ohh i experienced the same with some lotions like this.. until now, i'm in search for a good hand lotion.. that can heal my super dry skin.

Bebe said...

Me too. Hope to hv soft n supple hands.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice review! When my hands get really dry, I use cocoa butter cream.

(Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck =)

Bebe said...


Very long time ago, I've tried Coca butter cream. The scent is kinda of too heavy and sweet, not to my liking.

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