03 August 2011

Ba Wang Herbal Extracts Bath Foam


Directions : Apply appropriate amount of bath foam onto bath sponge.  Massage into rich lather upon your body and rinse thoroughly with clean water.  Leave lather on body longer for more lasting fragrance.

My Experience

This transparent pale green bath foam has no herbal smell, but a very strong green grass scent.

Squeeze out foam onto palm, add water to lather to rich bubbles and apply onto body. Half a handful is enough to wash from my ears down to my feet. Rub for a while and rinse off with water.

After bath, my skin feels clean and fresh.  This foam will not sting the sensitive part. 

3 weeks later, I noticed both my lower legs are very dry with itchy flaking skin and some bloody dots.

This foam has made my dry skin even drier.  


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